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The Linus Appalling Channel features content about science and games. The channel will evaluate technology concepts that improve gaming performance, in addition to covering important scientific concepts with input from researchers in academia and industry. Subscribe to join the Penguin Posse today and help us promote STEM education!

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Each month there will be a featured video. This month's contribution is the Pilot Episode. In this episode, Linus and Stereotypical Scientist use the Scientific Method to design and evaluate a touchscreen auto-clicker that can be used to improve performance in Roblox.

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Visit our official Penguin Posse Merchandise site for all things Penguin. We offer selections for men, women and children, and all the proceeds go to producing more Linus Appalling content. Help us raise STEM awareness while looking cool (Penguin Pun)!

If you play Roblox, make sure to show your Penguin Pride with the Official Penguin Posse shirt! It combines cool penguin style with neon lettering so you stand-out in the crowd. Look for more items to appear in the Roblox Penguin Posse Store soon! And remember: Always protect your egg!

Meet Linus


Linus Appalling, Esq.

Linus Appalling is the host of the Linus Appalling YouTube Channel. He lives with his raft of fellow penguins in Antarctica, where he attends elementary school. He is passionate about all things science and never met an equation he didn't like. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games such as Minecraft and Roblox. Contact him if you have any feedback or an idea for his show. Thanks for visiting!